Just breathe

What will I do without you? :: Slexie

Lexie had had a quiet comfortable sleep in Mark’s arms, however, as she stirred in an early hour in the morning, she couldn’t help but let a tired groan leave her lips. She knew she had to get up and do the chores she memo’d in her head, but her head felt so heavy, and whole body was aching. Her arm moved sluggishly along the bed beside her over the sheets, searching for Mark except he wasn’t there. Lexie frowned and peeked through tired eyes beside her - the world was too bright for her to even keep her eyes open. Lexie coughed dryly as she pushed herself up into a sitting position and untangled the covers from around her. Still, when she tried to open her eyes, she barely could do that, so she blindly crawled out of bed and tried to steady herself on achy feet. 

Lexie’s spun painfully, and she she squinted as her hands stretched in front of her blindly, before they found the wall and she traced her way out of the room and towards the stairs, before she trudged with heavy, tired steps. Her body shivered and she realized she wasn’t wearing anything but Mark’s sweatshirt since last night. Lexie reached her hand to touch her forehead, feel a fever, but she knew if she had one, she wouldn’t be able to feel it, so she proceeded on her task of looking for Mark. After all, he’d said he had the day off. 

"Mark?" Lexie croaked, her voice hoarse as she glanced around, letting her shoulders slump as she wandered around the main entrance for a brief moment, trying to use her brain to fix her internal compass so she could find her way into the kitchen.

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